The discovery and
exploration of Nikkei

Seeker, what do you search?

A conversation with friends,
a meeting with foreigners,
a communion with yourself,
flavours familiar yet unknown.

For a moment, let us forget what we have lost and focus on what we have created.

CLAY brings you an exceptional culinary experience in the form of Nikkei, a Japanese-Peruvian cuisine.

Fresh ingredients delivered via intricate techniques and nuanced flavour. Food inspired by the exploration of culture.


Our dishes are inspired by Nikkei, a cuisine not much older than a century.

This new, unique style of cooking is the result of Japanese migrating from their homeland to live in Peru, and the intermingling of cultures over the years.

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The Space

Discover & Explore

The look was created by combining elements from Japanese and Peruvian cultures in both food and design. A welcoming space full of intricate details, encouraging the exploration and discovery of new things.

A standout feature is the hanging bead installation inspired by the Japanese calculator, soroban, or abacus. CLAY’s interior incorporates lively South American colours alongside sleek Japanese black timber, creating a distinctive contrast, adding to the restaurant’s unique atmosphere.

Main dining area
Ash Lounge

Main Dining Area

The heart of the restaurant overlooks a large open kitchen. It hosts comfortable, intimate booth seating areas as well as individual tables.

Ash Lounge

A more casual dining area which is intimate and trendy with lower tables. Home to the Ash Bar featuring hand-painted, Japanese-inspired murals, and host to our wide array of live entertainment and DJs.


FACT Dining Awards – Best Newcomer In Bahrain 2020

FACT Dining Awards – Best Fusion In Bahrain 2021

FACT Dining Awards – Best Fine Dining Restaurant GCC 2021

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards – Luxury Category Winner

FACT Dining Awards – Fusion Dining In Bahrain 2022

Exploration requires discovery